Debora Lester Mauser


Debora Mauser is a nationally known instructor that has been teaching for 8 years.  You can find her classes at Bead Fest, Bead and Button, William Holland School as well as Tucson and local bead stores and schools.  She has been featured in many national magazines and books.  She has an online video with Craftsy, Craftcast and is a Certified Instructor with Painting with Fire.  Debora started her career teaching wire, and is now teaching enameling, metal, keum bo and techniques with a hydraulic press.  Students will excel in the laid back friendly atmosphere of Debora’s classes while learning exciting new techniques!

I  look forward to working with you and creating some great jewelry as youtravel through your journey of jewely skills.

If you have questions, please email me at deboralmauser@gmail.com














Monday January 30, 9-12

Graffitti Bracelet- 3 hours, limit 6 people

$125 including kit fee

Beginners welcome

No experience necessary

Learn the Painting with Fire method of enameling!  We will start by enameling beads, then move on toflat pieces.  Students will each have a complete torch set up to use and over 20 colors to play with. The bracelet shown is an example of what can be made quickly with little experience. This is a process class and students will have many components to use in their work.  No experience necessary.  Please wear closed toe shoes and bring an apron.

No tools needed!


Monday January 30 2-5pm

Sgraffitto Enameling 3 hours, limit  6 people


Beginners welcome

Using both liquid and 80 mesh enamel, learn to scratch in designs and fire the enamel to create one of a kind enamel components. We will use the Painting with Fire (torch enameling) method of enameling. Each student will have their own torching station, and their choice of enamel colors.  The possibilities are unlimited!

No tools needed



Tuesday January 31, 9am-12

Copper Stamped Earrings    6 people

 Class fee $115

Learn to design and stamp two pair of earrings with Native American Stamps. The first pair will be an opening act that moves us onto a second pair where we will solder an accent bezel and set a stone. Students will have several choices of stones and metal shapes as well as over 20 stamps to create their designs.


Bench block, heavy brass mallet

Tuesday January 31, 2-5pmFULL

*Trapeze Earrings3 hours limit 6 people


Some metal experience helpful

Movement, articulation, call it what you want, but these fun earring remind me of a trapeze artist with the artist and focal point being a stone!  Students will make two pair of sterling silver earrings, one with a stone, one without.  Design your own or use my designs.  We will cut, file, drill and use a torch to connect the segments with hot rivets!

No tools needed



Tuesday January 31,  6-9pm

Explosion Pendant- 3 hours, limit 6 people

Class fee$120

Beginners welcome

Create a statement necklace using the hydraulic press, enameling and cold connections.  Students will press a silhoutte die, insert an enameled focal piece and cold connect them all together.  Skills used are, filing, texturing, pressing, sawing, enameling and riveting!  We cover it all!  Some metalsmithing experience helpful.

Teacher will provide: hydraulic press, enamel and complete torch set up, sawblades, hole punches, sharpies, patina

Tools Needed:

Slotted bench pin,Saw frame, riveting hammer, flat file, bench block

Wednesday February 1, 9am-12

*Argentum Fused Earrings 3 hours 6 people


Beginners Welcome

Learn to fuse Argentum silver while fusing three pair of earrings!  We will design, form, fuse, and texture. Start with simple round hoops and then move on to more complicated shapes.   You will be able to solder and set a small set of stones to one of your designs.  Prefab sterling silver ear wires are included in your kit.


Flat file



Wednesday February 1,   1-5pm

Peek-a-Boo Pendant:   4 hours, limit 6 people


Beginners Welcome

Using one of the hottest tools in today’s jewelry making, students will use a hydraulic press to form two shapes that will cuddle into each other.  One will be textured, one will be enameled and all will be cold connected to a freeform back plate.  Explore design options with your choice of colors and shapes!

Tools needed:

Metal cutting shears

Riveting hammer

Bench block


Thursday,  February 2, 9am-1pmCANCELLED

*Barbell Pendant and Earrings   4 hours 6 students


Beginners Welcome

They are hot, hot, hot!!  Hot rivets that is!  Create both a pair of earrings and pendant while learning the secret of creating these hot rivets.  We will work in sterling silver and fine silver. Finish with a simple sterling chain and lobster clasp.

Tools needed:

Flat file

Bench block

Friday February 3, 9-12am

Captured Cabochon    3 hours, limit 8 people

Class Fee $120

Beginners welcome

Do you want to add stones to your designs without soldering?  This is the class for you!  We will design and cold connect metal to encase your stone, each design being different and then make a quick and easy handcrafted chain!  Choice of stone included or bring your own!


Riveting hammer/bench block

2 flat nose pliers


FridayFeb 3, 2-6pm

*ByPass Earrings and Bracelet 4 hours 6 people


Intermediate (need to know how to file, measure, comfortable with a torch)

Create a unique wrap-a-round bangle with silver and stones!  Complete the looks with complimentary earrings.  We will use  oxy/propane torch to create hot rivets to capture stones inside our wrap around bracelet and earrings.  They are cool, contemporary, and very sassy!

Tools needed:

Flat file

Saturday   Feb 4 9-1am

*Reticulation Pendant and Earrings  4 hours 6 people


Beginners welcome

Learn to depletion guild reticulation silver, bringing the fine silver to the top, then heat until you mold, move and melt the silver into creating one of a kind texture.  Take the metal and create a pendant and earrings with small bezel set stones!  This class is jam packed with techniques!!

Beginners Welcome, metalsmithing experience helpful


Flat file

Saturday Feb 4, 2-5pmFULL

 Wild Woman Bangles 6 people 3 hours


beginners welcome

Use hardware components from your local store, leftover wire and beads from your bench and create a unique Wild Woman bangle.  Students will learn to make coils, wire beads, discuss design options and use a variety of wire gauges and shapes.  Your imagination is your guide! Kit includes enough material for 2 bangles and most students will finish both during the 3 hour class.


Tools for students to bring: 

Heavy Wire Cutters

Flat file


Coiling tool